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My entrepreneurial spirit has driven a wide variety of experience in different career areas that has inevitably led me to recognize and submit to my love for the people side of business, be it communication, organizational development, or change management.

I have a passion for leading people-focused initiatives enabling key sponsors and stakeholders to drive business objectives from ideation to adoption. I love coaching and ushering people in the transitional phases of organizational change, as well as helping to create and implement strategies for such change.

I served honorably in the United States Marine Corps as a trumpet player; however, due to an injury, I had to retire my trumpet playing and leave the Corps via the Wounded Warrior Program. That transition introduced me to art therapy.

I learned how to paint and when honorably discharged as a disabled veteran in 2009, the recession had made finding a job near impossible - so I created my own. I started a painting company and led acrylic painting parties for groups of all ages and backgrounds.

I've since owned and operated businesses on the East Coast and West Coast and went from never having painted before, to selling my paintings at galleries for $6000 to $10,000 apiece.

Never underestimate your creative capacity people! 

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