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Custom Commissioned Art



1. Contact Julia at the button below to place request 

2. Email the following to

  • Your Name 

  • Size painting and orientation (horizontal, vertical, square).

  • Provide 1-3 reference photos of what you would like to have painted, if you have them. 

  • Provide links to your favorite 2-5 JuliArts paintings that you would like your piece to be inspired by.

  • Provide other thoughts on what you are hoping from your commission. Please elaborate as much as necessary, as this information is critical to a successful commission.

  • Colors you love:

  • Colors you want to avoid (this can be left blank though!): 

  • Specify whether or not this piece can be shown on Instagram during it’s process.


3. Sign commission contract that Julia sends by email.


4. Pay the non-refundable 50% of the total price of commission (not including shipping), listed below.

  • Shipping is calculated once the size is chosen 

  • Julia will send the invoice via Paypal, which allows you to securely pay by Paypal or credit card.

  • Once the commission agreement is signed and paid for, there are no refunds.  


5. Painting commences once payment is received and is usually completed within 2-4 weeks of beginning.


6. Julia emails update photos approximately halfway through. Upon completion of the painting, Julia will send a final photo, and collector gives approval or minor edits. Any extensive edits (as judged extensive by the artist) beyond that are subject to a 15% additional fee. 

7. Painting ships to collector once the final 50% payment is received. Yay!! 

Average 2022 Commission Prices:

How to read the numbers below: (Example of the first line): At a canvas size that is 11x14, the price will equal $615. This canvas size equates to 154 total square inches, which gives us a breakdown cost of about $4.00 per square inch. 

  • Size: 11x14 = $615 - 154 Square inches at about $4.00 per inch

  • Size: 12x16 = $685 - 192 Square inches at about $3.55 per inch

  • Size: 12x24 = $1000 - 288 Square inches at about $3.50 per inch 

  • Size: 16x20 = $1,120 - 320 Square inches at about $3.50 per inch

  • Size: 18x24 = $1500 - 432 Square inches at about $3.50 per inch

  • Size: 20x24 = $1,680 - 480 Square inches at $3.50 per inch 

  • Size: 24x30 = $2,500 - 720 square inches at $3.48 per inch 

  • Size: 24x36 = $3,000 - 864 square inches at about $3.45 per inch

  • Size: 30x40 = $3,800 - 1200 Square inches at about $3.17 per inch

  • Size: 36x36 = $4,000 - 1296 Square inches at about $3.10 per inch

  • Size: 36x48 = $5,100 - 1728 Square inches at about $2.95 per inch

  • Any canvas that is larger than 36x48 will stay at $2.95 per inch. 

  • Any size smaller than an 11x14 size is set at $4.00 per inch. 

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