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It's A Girl! 

Help celebrate the parents to be:

Julia & Vitaliy Krivoruk

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Incoming Early April 2021
Adena Grace Krivoruk 

Due to COVID-19, In lieu of a traditional baby shower, please help us welcome our first baby by donating towards our registry.  

Because let's face it...


This baby stuff adds up!!

We could use all the help we can get! 

So here's some ways...

Crowd Funding Registry

Crowd funding? YES!


We've pieced together things we need (and also want) and have made it so that you can donate towards an item! 

* We don't expect anyone to buy large items outright- BUT- you can donate towards them to help us* 

Click the button below to donate: 

baby registry photo.png
Diaper Fund

Ohhhhh no... diapers.


Never ending piles! We're not sure which size she'll need and what brand works best, so a donation would help most! 

Click the button below to donate:

Cute Baby Items
Gift Cards

We all know things come up that are unexpected... 

Gift cards help. 

Click the button below to donate via a gift card: 

Baby Slippers

Thank You!

Every little bit helps <3

Enjoy some happy pics of the happy mom & dad to be! 

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